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MADEIRA® Embroidery threads



Premium supplies for the embroidery and textile industry


Madeira® Garnfabrik is a leading yarn manufacturer and your partner for quality embroidery threads, stabilisers and accessories. Based on a 100-year history, we manufacture and deliver renowned products optimised for use on industrial multi-needle embroidery machines. Appreciated by numerous brands and professional embroiderers, we are happy to support you with products, services and consulting.


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MADEIRA® threads


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When to use viscose and when to use polyester machine embroidery threads?








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1) CLASSIC, the worldwide number one, 100% natural rayon viscose machine embroidery thread with exceptional high sheen for sophisticated embroidery work. Made from the highest quality raw materials to ensure unsurpassed tensile strength. Soft and flexible offering outstanding productivity capabilities, perfect for all embellishment styles across all market sectors.

Four different thicknesses have been developed to help obtain the best results and performance for any application. Global standard No.40, lighter No.60 for small lettering and fine details, heavier No.30 ideal for knitwear and larger designs, then the thickest No.12 for a decorative hand stitched look.

Not bleach resistant.ent.


2) Polyester threads are preferred for embroidery, especially when a high colour-fastness that can withstand chlorine is required. These durable threads have outstanding mechanical and chemical resistance. A good quality thread will also run smoothly at high speeds on various embroidery machines without looping.

In this section you will learn when polyester threads are the right choice for your project and more about Polyneon, Madeira's 100% polyester filament thread, which is listed in all major digitising programs and available worldwide.


3) Frosted Matt is a matte-finish thread that does not reflect the light, which gives this thread an unrivalled look and makes your design a real eye-catcher. Alternatively, you can go completely in the opposite direction by using a transparent or glow-in-the-dark thread. Or try the new Reflect thread and make your designs visible in the dark by reflecting other light sources.


4) Metallic threads add a fanciful, eye-catching and prestigious beauty to designs. Madeira has developed and now offers a wide range of such threads that can be used by specialists as well as beginners. Our focus lies on the softness, easy usage and productivity, as well as suitability for various techniques and materials. As a result, some versions have a superior resistance to harsh treatments and industrial cleaning. All of them are optimised for industrial embroidery machines and some are also particularly suitable for sewing. Different constructions, looks and brilliant metallic colours provide a wide range of options for adding sparkle, luxuriousness and glamour to textiles.


5) FIRE FIGHTER is flame & heat resistant thread made from 100% Aramid, the fibre used for Nomex®. Ideal for motor sport, workwear & protective clothing. Complies with all relevant fire safety regulations. Available in 24 colours. For complete protection firefighter bobbin thread & backing is strongly recommended.


6) Sure, you know how to handle your standard 40 viscose and polyester embroidery threads. But have you ever considered going beyond the ordinary and creating extraordinary designs by using speciality and effect threads? We recommend you give it a try, and have prepared a comprehensive portfolio of speciality threads designed for performance on your professional embroidery machine.


7) With the correct settings, bobbin thread will only be visible on the back, but the correct choice is important because it determines the quality of the embroidery. Usually, the quantity of thread needed for a design is shared proportionally as 1/3 bobbin thread and 2/3 top thread. To achieve a nice, even embroidery appearance, you always need to take care to set the thread tension correctly. The ready-to-use pre-wound bobbins save time and ensure a constant length and uniformity. You can also wind the bobbin thread from cones yourself.

Madeira offers both options: various pre-wound bobbins and cones with strong, fine and lint-free polyester threads that work with any top thread, regardless of the composition or thickness.


8) Why not try our new 'Tonal Boxes', a collection of our most popular threads offering subtle shade tones in different colour ranges.


9) Do you occasionally have to struggle with thread breakage, "thread balls", skipped stitches, material damage, puckering or an irregular embroidery appearance? An incorrectly chosen embroidery needle could be the reason for this. We help you find the right needle for your job and give you useful tips and information so that you always achieve the best embroidery result possible.


10) The most important factor in choosing a backing is the type of fabric that is being embroidered, followed by style and stitch count. The stability or stretch of the fabric will determine the amount of additional stability required from a backing. We offer a wide selection of backing materials in various configurations: pre-cut, in rolls and we even offer a cutting service to make your life more simple. With Madeira embroidery backings, you benefit from optimum stabilisation, different weights, easy handling and excellent value for money: in short, a one-stop solution making backings really E-ZEE (easy).


11) Voluminous materials can be quite a challenge to embroider. Fortunately, someone invented toppings. Even if it wasn't us, we offer a selection of water-soluble embroidery toppings to help you create great designs with stitches that don't fall into the fabric. They prevent intricate parts of the design from sinking into the fabric, avoid the fabric's colour shining through and can easily be washed away with water, leaving no residue on the embroidery.


12) Madeira offers a wide range of different backing, for your convenience some are available in a variety of different sized cut squares. Either in small packs or large boxes.


13) Madeira colour cards offer an overview of the entire colour range and are the preferred sampling tool to colour match for your embroidery. Madeira colour cards are standardised worldwide eliminating colour discrepancies.