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cap backing
cap backing
cap backing

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E-ZEE 76G CAP BACKING 10cmx30cm pk.250



MADEIRA® offers a wide range of different backing, for your convenience some are available in a variety of different sized cut squares. 


Gives good stability whilst being easy to remove.

Ensures smooth machine operation.

Use an extra fold of cap backing to achieve a firm seating on rotating cap frames (preventing registration slips).

10cm x 30cm cut pieces.100% Polyester SPECIFICATIONS New E-Zee cap backing is a pre-cut stabilizer for use specifically for embroidering onto caps!

The revolutionary new rectangular pieces are the ideal size with no additional trimming required.

It is vital when embroidering that the cap surface is stable to avoid puckering and movement within the frame.

For smaller stitch counts any movement can lead to distortion of design.


In addition a stiff backing is required to deal with larger stitch count embroideries, whilst at the same time it should be easy to remove once the embroidery is done.

For all these circumstances, E-zee cap backing is the perfect answer.


Each pack contains 250 pieces.


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