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ISACORD thread Smoke
ISACORD thread Smoke
ISACORD thread Smoke

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ISACORD® Polyester 40 Machine embroidery thread 0131 Smoke

Colour code: 0131

Pantone color code: 422C; cool grey 5C; cool grey 7C

Base color: Grey


ISACORD® Polyester 40 Machine embroidery thread


Available in 1000m and 5000m sizes.


- the universal machine embroidery thread for all brilliant and fashionable embroidery

- great in colour, great in function

- abrasion-resistant, robust, perfect embroidery propertie

- excellent colour fastness

- classic on work & corporate wear

- extremely durable – also for jeans and automotive


Embroidery can make all the difference – enhancing a product and giving it a personal touch.

The threads used are not just a means to an end – depending on their quality, they can be an important design element.

Diverse, high-precision embroidery techniques are also becoming increasingly important in technical areas, where they fulfil numerous functions. As extensive the range of applications, as high the demands on the colour and quality of the threads.


Creativity and productivity are given free rein with our range of AMANN® embroidery threads.


Classic embroidery enchants us with its creativity and colour, and sets fashion trends.

As well as its brilliant appearance, classic embroidery also demands the best characteristics in use.

Extreme colourfastness and wash resistance, good chemical and mechanical resistance and perfect embroidering performance are essential. 


AMANN ISACORD® offers a complete range of embroidery threads for industrial embroidery.

This includes among others high-quality embroidery yarns for brilliant and fashionable embroidery, for matt embroidery, as well as for metallic embroidery.


Each 1000m cone will stitch 200,000 stitches.

The Recommended Needle is: Size 90-100


The Madeira threads made in Germany.



The colours shown here are not originals. The colours and colour numbers in the colour cards are decisive.

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