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B film for badge
B film for badge
badge film
B film for badge
badge film

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MADEIRA® badge film 100cm 100 mic (from 1m)


MADEIRA® Badge film


100 micron heat dissolvable film. Great for creating badges with no need for extra backing, templates or felt.


Available in 1, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100m length, 50cm and 100cm wide.


Perfect for logos and emblems, ideal as a backing for direct embroideries. 


Not recommended for use as a topping.


Product Information


The film is sturdy enough for single or multiple layer application; you can make badges and solid fill stitch

logos with satin stitch borders without needing any other fabric.


First of all, decide how many layers of the AS Film you need to use. This will depend on the density of the stitches in the design.


One layer - place the rough side down

Two layers - smooth side down for layer one, then rough side down for layer two. Placing the rough sides together will reduce slippage


Hoop the AS Film as you would a normal fabric - no need to use a backing. Adjust the overlap between the filled in background and the satin border. Both sections must be overlapped by 50% upwards. This is required to prevent splitting of the background and border.


Place the hoop onto the machine and stitch the design outline to secure the layers of film. Within the outline, create a grid support of running stitches to stabilise and add structure


Use a fill stitch to create a solid background.

Embroider the motif, characters or text of your badge.


Embroider the border using zigzag underlay stitches around the outline to create a foundation, then finish with satin stitch.

Stitches need to be wide apart so the film will not perforate when embroidering.


Once completed, remove from the hoop, then carefully tear away the AS Film or remove residue with an iron or heat

press at 120 -140ºC.


50cm wide - As with all new products, you must test the film first on the fabric you wish to stabilise.


We also suggest you don’t use your favourite iron, use an old iron!


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