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Madeira FROSTED MATT thread grey
Madeira FROSTED MATT thread grey
Madeira FROSTED MATT thread grey

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Madeira® FROSTED MATT 40 Machine embroidery thread 7613

Colour code: 7613

Base color: Grey


MADEIRA® Frosted MATT 40 Machine embroidery thread


Available in 1000m and 2500m sizes.


Are you looking for something special? Want to stand out from the crowd with your embroidery designs? Then you're in the perfect place here.


Frosted Matt is comparable to no other machine embroidery thread.


Its cool, truly frosted look makes this polyester thread the ideal choice for eye-catching, decorative and stylish designs.

By not reflecting the light - so without any shine - you can enjoy 201 real, plain colours in their natural beauty.

And there is now even more to choose from: discover the thicker version, Frosted Matt 30, and the 12 new colours in weight 40!


Produced using exclusive dyeing techniques, Frosted Matt provides intense colours that are lightfast and bleach resistant.

This polyester embroidery thread is optimised for the usage on the industrial embroidery machines and has many applications: from promotional wear and logos to sportswear, functional clothing and fashion. 


- Available in 201 stunning shades

- Tested and proven to lightfastness standards in the highest category (grade 6-8)

- Bleach and chlorine resistant, can be laundered up to 60°C

- Avant-garde look and distinctive finish

- True colours - the genuine colour of the thread is reflected 100%


Frosted Matt No 40- the world's first truly matt and light-fast embroidery thread brings a new sensation to the perception of colours and new highs to light fastness.

Due to the unique construction and special finish, this embroidery thread intensively reflects the true colours.


Frosted Matt is produced using exclusive dying methods; resulting in an unmatched overall rating to light fastness. Colours remain and don't fade as easily as others do.


Each 1000m cone will stitch 200,000 stitches.

The Recommended Needle is: Size 60/8 - 75/11


The Madeira threads made in Germany.


FROSTED MATT is a polyester thread with a beautiful matt effect finish, the world’s first truly matt and lightfast embroidery thread. Produced using exclusive dyeing techniques, ensuring colours are intense, extremely lightfast and bleach resistant. The high definition and distinctive finish make this thread popular across all market sectors from promotional and logos to sportswear, functional clothing and fashion. Available in two weights 40 and thicker 30, Frosted Matt is the perfect choice for eye-catching decorative embroidery and embellishment.


Proved to automotive lightfastness standards in the highest category (Grade 8).

Tested for hundreds of hours under intense Xenon light

Bleach and chlorine resistant, can be laundered up to 60°C

Colours remain and don’t fade!


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 The colours shown here are not originals. The colours and colour numbers in the colour cards are decisive.




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