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FS 40 1000m metallic thread GOLD
FS 40 1000m metallic thread GOLD
FS 40 1000m metallic thread GOLD

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MADEIRA® FS 40 metallic Machine embroidery thread GOLD 7

Colour code: 4007

MADEIRA® FS 40 Metallic Machine embroidery thread


Available in 1000m and 5000m sizes.


High performance, smooth, traditional thickness with high tenacity and a special twist, in valuable metal shades and multicolours. Ultimate results for all styles. Standard weight smooth, supple embroidery thread ensures trouble free stitching even at high speeds. Available in 21 colours.


As a company we decided long ago to stock the most dazzling array of metallic threads for the machine. Madeira Threads produce the largest selection of metallics and we stock them all and complement this huge range with other similar high quality threads from the very best suppliers.


For your convenience, we have categorised the metallics under the weight of the thread. If you want a metallic to show off, go for a heavier weight, more subltle, go for a finer weight. No.40 is the standard weight of thread. Any number lower than No.40 is a thicker thread, any number higher than No.40 is a finer thread.


Madeira manufacture a stunning range of excellent metallics that sew well and look even better! Metallic threads cause more frustration then any other thread when machining. That said they will work, if you follow these three simple rules, and when they work, metallic thread look stunning so don't dispair! For further information on metallic threads and making them work on your machine, join our blog, or newsletter.


The Madeira threads made in Germany.


How to use metallic threads



The colours shown here are not originals. The colours and colour numbers in the colour cards are decisive.


Care instructions:

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